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Head down and discover the fresh new look at Woolworths Corrimal today! They have a new, convenient range that is easy to shop. You’ll fall in love with the new look deli, with cured meats sliced to order, they have everything you need for a Christmas platter. Head to the new look in-store bakery and explore the delicious range of sweet treats and bread baked daily. The artisan-style breads are divine and made with Australian wheat flour. While you’re there also visit the new fish market, where there’s an exceptional array of seafood ready to bake, grill, fry or enjoy as is, perfect for a Christmas feast.



A shining star of the fresh new look Woolworths Corrimal  is the bakery, your one-stop shop for gourmet loaves, perfect pastries and custom - made cakes. It’s pretty easy to find too, just follow that moreish smell of freshly baked bread. The team are not just baking the bread but offering to slice it for you too. Drop by for some delicious Christmas treats.



Woolworths have a great variety of fresh seafood, perfect for a light dinner or an indulgent family feast in the new look fish market. To enjoy the catch of the day be sure to ask the team what they’ve been buying and what they’ll be taking home for dinner. The range covers everything from locally-sourced juicy prawns to the freshest fish fillets and 100% Tasmanian salmon, packed with omega 3 goodness. If you’re looking for ideas on how to cook your selection, try the free Bag & Bake options at the new look Fish Market.



Inspired by a classic Italian delicatessen, the deli cabinets at your new look Woolworths Corrimal are brimming with cured meats, salami, salads and antipasti from local and international producers. All these delicacies are ready to serve but the team can slice your meats just the way you like it – thick, thin or shaved. Please ask for a taste if you can’t decide, there’s plenty to try. If you’re planning on hosting a few more people than the usual family gathering, don’t forget the gourmet deli platters. One of the friendly team members can put one together for you using only the freshest ingredients at your new look  Corrimal Woolworths.